About Northridge Bail Bonds

Jail CellFor many years, Northridge Bail Bonds, has been successfully serving the Southern Californian region. Our agency’s ultimate priority is to provide premium bail bond services, at all times. Our valued clients are absolutely guaranteed that they will always be dealing with fully licensed and highly experienced bail bonds agents.

Our company is completely proficient, and experienced in every aspect of the Californian Judicial system, therefore, we are more than capable of assisting anyone who has been detained.  Offering a twenty four hour service, we ensure our agents are available at anytime, to anyone.  We can sometimes even take a NO MONEY DOWN, to make sure our clients are able to get through this very challenging time, with as much ease as possible.

Not only are we providing you with premium services in California, we are also able to post bail anywhere in the United States, where bail bonds are operational. We have licensed bail bonds agents positioned in every one of these respective states. In the event that you have a family member, or even friend who has been arrested in California, we are always ready to assist you and your family with the posting of bail. Even though we are known for dealing in bail bonds, we also have access to some of the most respected defense attorneys in California. Once the offender has been released, we can easily assist with a number of attorneys who can assist them with their defense.

As Northridge Bail Bonds,operates on a 24/7 basis, our agents are always on call. They are ready to work with anyone in the community who needs bail bond assistance. You will not even have to come to our office, our agents are prepared to come to your home, or the jail. This just one more of the benefits to using our services, and an additional way in which we help our clients.

Northridge Bail Bonds, are actually industry innovators in California, and the community. Our company has always maintained the highest of standards, and have never jeopardized our integrity, anything else that might cause our clients to be disappointed.  Our reputation is our greatest asset, therefore, we will always treat each and every client with the utmost respect at all times, as well as maintaining our premium services.

If you have any questions at all in relation to Northridge Bail Bonds, we would be more than happy to hear from you, and discuss any needs you may have.



Mission Statement

To respond promptly and efficiently to our clients with honesty, teamwork & compassion.

Our Commitment

Seek ways to improve upon our services.

Set the standard of uncompromising quality